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Yom Kippur War - Wikipedia Angle: Middle East peace, long way indicated by the [scar] of war For new efforts to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian problem over the years, representatives of the countries to set in Bahrain this week. Middle East peace, has attracted attention again. Will be held in Japan in Bahrain, in the international meeting of the US-led over the Palestinian economic assistance, would promise of large sums of funding is carried out. The first installment of the Middle East peace plan of late was playing cards US administration is, finally begins to move. However, Israel and the Palestinian territories, if you look at the scars of past wars left in the Golan Heights, is understood the difficulty of the effort. Ancient ruins and medieval castle ruins, the confrontation of the people of the Levant is, tells us that nothing is new. End British rule, Israel and later was founded a year, aggression and war, peace, treaty, uprising, blockade, checkpoints, and the civil war, has moved the location of the boundary of the people movement and of living.

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