The Middle East War (Middle East war) [pixiv Encyclopedia]

Yom Kippur War - Wikipedia Middle East war Overview Generic name of war of every time that happened over the year in the Middle East from the year. Mainly Israel and the Arab countries (such as Egypt Syria Jordan Iraq Lebanon Saudi Arabia), is going further by donors of both. By war in this that often happened Middle East, will not be able to export oil to be produced in the region, takes place the oil shock in the world, it was allowed to slow down the country's economy. background Palestine is a holy place for Judaism Christianity and Islam of three parties, prima facie coexistence state in the local had been kept. However, to the United Kingdom to obtain cooperation from both Jews and Arabs in the First World War, a promise that was inconsistent with that in the territory of both the Palestine, further After the war, the British, to accelerate the Jewish settlers, confrontation of both went increased. The first Middle East War After the Second World War. Nazi Germany of Jewish refugees persecuted in the Holocaust one after the other settled to [the promised land] Palestine, conflict with the Arabs even worse.

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